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Get the benefits you deserve after experiencing a personal injury or accident when you turn to Ron D. Coffel & Associates in Benton, IL and Harrisburg, IL. Ron D. Coffel specializes in traumatic circumstances from personal injury, accidents and workers' compensation cases, focusing on accidents occurring in the following fields: construction, factories, machine operators, coal mines, prisons, and any accident college-related. He regularly represents people with occupational diseases, pneumococcus, lung problems, chemical exposures, and burn and respiratory impairments from workplace exposures. Ron D. Coffel files and proceeds on emergency petitions to enforce and maintain benefit payments throughout the period of the worker's disability and recovery, when those benefits are essential.

Ron D. Coffel's Philosophy

Ron D. Coffel is dedicated to enforcing and protecting the rights of injured workers and individuals with high-quality arbitration skills and advocacy. He has exceptional negotiation skills and works towards maximizing settlement opportunities. He believes that extensive experience is the foundation and personal attention to individual clients and their cases is the key.
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