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About Injury Attorney Ron D. Coffel

Ron D. Coffel, Sr., born April 29, 1962, in Franklin County, Benton, Illinois resides in Marion Illinois, and has two office locations: Benton, IL and Harrisburg, IL.

Ron D. Coffel is peer reviewed rated as the top 5% lawyer by Law and Leading Lawyers. His practice emphasis is in representing injury cases only with special focus on industrial accidents including workers compensation and various third party litigation cases, machine accidents, defective products and explosion accidents, gas and chemical injuries, burn injuries and all related cases.

Ron D. Coffel began his career early at age 25, and considers himself a special advocate and friend of the working man. He earned his B.A. from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale with honors, 1984. He attended graduate studies in the pre-law department of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 1986. He earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Northern Illinois University College of Law. He has dedicated his entire career helping people with their industrial accidents and work injuries.

After graduation from law school, Ron D. Coffel served as District 12 Workers Compensation Counsel of United Mineworkers of America. Mr. Coffel represented thousands of injured workers in a variety of industrial type accidents, and in third party cases. His practice spans both Southern and Central Illinois. His relationship with the Unions continues to the present day.

Ron D. Coffel is a special friend and advocate of the working man. He knows first hand the impact a devastating injury has on the financial means of an injured worker who relies on his weekly paycheck to provide for his family. He knows the impact of insurance company practices, delayed compensation, delayed medical treatment, independent medical doctors hired by insurance companies, terminated benefits, and he brings swift and immediate action to establish your rights to these benefits, your rights to compensation while you are unable to work, and your rights to medical care. His ultimate goal is the enforce your rights and help establish your peace of mind in navigating the system.

With Ron D. Coffel as your lawyer, you can place your mind at ease... He will handle your case and enforce your rights to all interim benefits, so you can concentrate on recovering from your injury and medical care.

Arbitration & Appellate Experience

Ron D. Coffel has extensive arbitration experience, having handled thousands of workers compensation claims for petitioners before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission Downstate and Central Illinois. He regularly appears and tries cases before arbitrators at docket locations at Herrin, Mt. Vernon, Springfield, Collinsville, and Belleville. In the past he also regularly attended dockets at Whittington, Lawrenceville, Mattoon, Carlyle, Carlinville, and Taylorville. Ron D. Coffel also has extensive appellate experience in handling post arbitration appeals at various levels including before the Review Commission, in The Circuit Court, Appellate Courts, and the Illinois Supreme Court.
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